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Activation—connecting an application to a valid user license—is automatic for most apps.

In some cases, you need to activate your application manually before you can use it.

See Creative Cloud app asks for serial number for information to resolve the issue.

in the product from one of the computers that has an active license.

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Adobe may also use this information, alone or in conjunction with other information Adobe may have, to (i) provide you with appropriate license renewal options, and (ii) to help understand Adobe software usage so we may engage and retain our customers.

Your serial number or redemption code is provided to you when you purchase the product. If you are asked to enter a serial number when you start a Creative Cloud app, it is an error.

Once deactivated, you can reactivate at any time, if you choose.

You do not need to uninstall an application from your computer to deactivate it.

You can then install the product on your new computer.

If the computer on which you installed the product is no longer available, contact us to update the information in the system.

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