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Merkur ranked Arielle a nine out of ten for her online appearance and described her as ‘very pretty, sweet and down to earth/great personality’.

As well as online pictures, age and appearance scores, he also kept track of message communications and whether to monitor the dates ‘closely’ or ‘casually’.

This shift has meant I’m now going on fewer dates, but they’re better matches.

I’m also keeping more of an open mind: When a date has gone even moderately well, instead of continuing to swipe my way to that elusive “perfect” match, I’m asking for a second date with the good-enough ones. READ MORE: How to survive the holidays when you’re single or divorced What to tell your relatives when they ask why you’re single So you’ve been unlucky in love.

Since this summer, when I started keeping track of my dating life, I’ve gone on more second, third and fourth dates.

A LOVELORN singleton is desperately trying to find ‘the one’ before her 30th birthday — after going on almost 80 first dates.

‘I can’t stand a man without a sense of humour.’ ■ DATING becomes more fun as you get older, a study reveals.

And so I kept track of whom I went out with; how we met (through an app, friends, etc.); how many dates we went on; and who ultimately decided to end things.But they had the misfortune of having an accent (New England) and a tone (very, very deep) that didn’t sit well with my ears.And then there was a woman who obsessively texted me after a week of dating, asking whether I was seeing other women. Once, on the first date, a woman told me her entire family medical history, complete with details on regularly decaying toenails. I quickly realized how important it is that my partner share certain values.Anna Heaton has been on hundreds of dates with 77 different men after becoming single two years ago.In her quest for Mr Right, the 29-year-old has met men on dating apps, through her mother and even appeared on ITV’s Take Me Out — where she went to the fictional isle of Fernando’s with Neale Smith, 30, from Northampton. Fussy Ms Heaton gives her dates marks out of 20 on a spreadsheet in categories such as ‘looks’, ‘personality’ and ‘spark’.

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