Dating your ex sister

I was completely wrong, but I was still completely in love with him and wanted to believe that he still loved me.

Resorting to magical thinking is one way that people hold out hope that their ex still loves them after a breakup.

When one of my exes told me that he didn’t love me anymore, it shook me to my core.

I simply couldn’t believe that this man who had been lovingly rubbing my back the night before had abruptly fallen out of love with me. For weeks after the breakup, I stayed up late nursing my broken heart, endlessly googling signs your ex still loves you and asking questions like “does he still love me? ” and “signs my ex boyfriend still has feelings for me.” Later, I found out for certain that my ex still loved me, but when he initially broke up with me and told me it was over he was hurting and angry and a whole bunch of other emotions that took him a lot of time to process.

Since they haven’t lived life without their ex, the unknown is scary.

Also, they might be trying to keep you around as “plan B,” particularly if they left you for someone else, wanted a “break” or because they thought the grass was greener on the other side.

He might have genuinely might meant he wanted to be friends .

This means that if he loved you once, he probably still does and has handled the breakup emotionally by burying his feelings instead of fully processing them. Too many people to count say that their ex was ridiculously angry at them after their breakup but suddenly admitted they were still in love.

There isn’t much emotional charge when it comes to their ex.

Does he feel the need to keep rehashing the reasons for your breakup?

Anger is a tricky emotion after a breakup since it usually masks sadness and hurt.

If your ex is really, angry at you, that does not necessarily mean he hates you.

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