Sex cambodia virgins

A harrowing report into Cambodia's 'virgin trade' (via the Observer) has uncovered allegations that officials including politicians are buying young girls for sex for around £600-£3,000.

With many Cambodian men believing that sex with a virgin can help them stay young and healthy, it's thought that thousands of virgins aged 13-18 are sold every year.

More than one-third of female sex workers surveyed for the report by the International Organization for Migration said they entered the sector through the sale of their virginity.

Tricked and coerced Though some girls sold their virginity voluntarily, many were tricked into the trade by friends and relatives or were forced by poverty and domestic violence into it, the report said.

Thirty-eight per cent of the women and girls interviewed had their virginity sold, and they collected an average of US2 (euro347), the report said.

In most cases middlemen pocketed sizable amounts from the deals, Brown said.

Trafficking of women and girls for sexual exploitation is widespread in Cambodia, which has weak law enforcement.

In recent years, authorities have stepped up efforts to crack down on sex offenders, but have focused on Westerners who prey on children.

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