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1 hotel in Atlantic City by Trip Advisor reviewers, Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa is discounting four package options exclusively to Travelzoo members with savings of over 50% on winter stays.Photos from left to right: From arrival to postwar: (1)As a train arrives, incarcerees help lift an elderly patient off the train; (2) Eiichi Sakauye shows off a watermelon grown in camp as a result of the agricultural system he helped to create; (3) Workers unload coal; (4) The Iwagaki family reunites in San Jose after the war, posing with their son, Sgt. James Higuchi (left), who are en route to their overseas assignments.Doctors and dentists were recruited from among those confined at Heart Mountain to help tend to those who were ill.Soon, incarcerees began to build a community infrastructure with the health care system as a key component to address the community’s needs.Sitting at the foot of Heart Mountain in northern Wyoming, a few haunting remnants of the "camp" still stand-–a hospital boiler house with its towering red chimney, two hospital buildings, an administrative building, the concrete vault from the high school, a root cellar, and a large excavation that once served as a swimming hole.

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Two thousand workers helped build the camp over approximately sixty days, and Wyoming's low unemployment rate was turned around within a matter of weeks.A group of military police situated in nine guard towers manned the site and 130 government employees oversaw day-to-day operations. In protest, 3,000 incarcerees signed a petition aimed at WRA director Dillon Myer, declaring that the fence was “an insult to any free human being, a barrier to a full understanding between the administration and the residents.” It made no difference, and the fence went up.The camp administration encouraged incarcerees to start a community council to oversee camp life.In the two weeks before the building opened, sick residents were cared for at one of the recreation halls.The hospital saw 5,486 admissions and 391 major surgeries during its three years of operation.

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