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So far, most of the War of the Worlds-related Creatures in the Sporepedia have been either painstaking organic recreations of various tripod designs, or attempts at the creatures from the Spielberg movie.

We hope the community, which has already shown incredible ingenuity, can show old H. a little respect, and do justice to the nasty little Martian beast that started it all.

In a Martian campaign, the challenge will be to find a way for these war-like, but relatively feeble creatures survive long enough to begin forging their own mechanized destiny.

According to Darren Montgomery, Electronic Arts' Sr.

In the movie, the giant spider-like monsters were part of an insect alliance--with some careful vehicle editing, planes become massive mosquitos, and tanks look like fire or plasma-spewing bugs.

For an even more disturbing experience, players can build a race of highly sociable, maggot-like brain bugs (the officers of the movie's insect army).

But the brilliance of is that it's precisely as nerdy--and as villainous--as you are, with customization features that let you recreate some of the greatest alien invasions in science fiction.

Most of us use Google every day - (disregard if you're one of those Bing-ers)....

so we've been waiting for the official launch of their new logo after a blog post tipped us to the upcoming change on September 19th.

movie adaptations, the alien mythology created by horror writer H. The Cthulhu mythos (named after the most apocalyptic of a pantheon of alien gods that appeared throughout Lovecraft's stories) is a treasure trove of disturbing creatures, many of which are already in the pedia.

The most appropriate path to galactic majesty depends on which race the player picks: The Star Spawn of Cthulhu are essentially Godzilla with wings and tentacled-mouths, while the Mi-Go, a race of insect-like intelligent fungi, can go the "social" route, by psychically overpowering their victims.

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