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This will enable HMRC to keep more accurate records and, over time, more people will pay the correct tax PAYE in real time is a new way for employers to report their employees’ pay and tax details to HMRC.

It will make it easier for employers and pension providers to tell HMRC about payments made to employees at the time they are made – rather than at the end of the year Most employers will be making returns in this way from April 2013, and all employers will be routinely reporting information in real time before October 2013.

This report highlights any missing or incomplete data which could potentially prevent a RTI submission, and can be produced at any time – so you may wish to run the report a number of times if you are adding new data to the program.

Click ‘Analysis – Data Validation for RTI’ to view the RTI validation report.

This letter will be sent to the business address they hold for you.

It will tell you what you need to do to get ready to make your first real time submission in April 2013 Then, during November, HMRC will be closing employer schemes they believe have stopped operating PAYE.

’ This video shows you how to get your data ready for RTI.

Under real time reporting, employers and pension providers – or agents, payroll bureaux and other intermediaries acting on their behalf – need to send HMRC information about tax, National Insurance Contributions (NICs), student loans and other deductions each time they pay their employees.

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